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Welcome to our Million Veterans Rated Mission!

VetComm's National Community Membership needs your help to spread the word that there are 17 Million Unrated Veterans (out of 21 Million Total) that need to know that they can use our Disability FAST-Pass™ Video Guide to learn how to file their Disability Compensation Benefits Claim in one day! And, they can do it without their DD-214, Medical or Service Records that are required for other services (VSO/VSR/Law Firm/etc.) to help a Veteran file a claim.

Most of the 17 Million Veterans do not know this! They are tired of waiting in lines, with thousands of other Veterans, for months and years for one of these other organizations to help them so many of them just gave up trying.

Many of the remaining Veterans "believe" that other Veterans need the money more than they do, which is an honorable thing to do, but only Veterans that apply for their Disability Compensation get the Compensation, and all unclaimed Compensation is used by the Government however they want. We want our Veterans to use it in support of their Service-Related Injuries and to support their Families.

The other sticking point that stops Veterans from filing their claims is they "believe they don't deserve it" because they are basically "ok" and didn't lose an arm or leg in combat.

This is the same honorable belief system that many Veterans have, but it is absolutely not how the VA Disability Compensation System works. Disability Compensation is allocated to all Veterans that apply and are Rated for a Disability Condition that Honorable Service on Active Duty. They just have to apply.

Although many Veterans may never "believe" they deserve the benefits more than another Veteran that has more injuries, it does not change the fact that ALL VETERANS are "OWED" the Compensation for their Service-Related Injuries that occurred on Active Duty protecting our Country.

Help us reach these Veterans with these messages so they can stop letting the Government keep their Compensation. Our Government Never gives one Veteran's Compensation to another Veteran, and this money would be much better spent supporting Veterans and their Families than it would be on another Gender Study in Pakistan.


All Veterans who subscribe to one of our Memberships are auto-enrolled into our affiliate program and can be compensated for every other person that they get to subscribe to a Veteran Membership or ANYONE can become a Charity Contributor Member by subscribing to our Charity Contribution Membership, and will also be auto-enrolled into our Affiliate Program.

The differences in these Memberships are; the Veteran Member subscribes to one of our Disability Claim filing Memberships with the Guides, Courses, and Workbooks to help them get their Veteran Benefits; and a Charity Contributor subscribes to the Charity Contributor Membership to either only be a Veteran Charity Donation Contributor, as helping Veterans in need is a very worthy cause, or also participate in the Affiliate Program to receive Monthly Commissions for their Veteran Outreach efforts.

Why do we require a Membership for our Affiliate Program?

VetComm is not a Charity, we support Veteran Charities and other Veteran Support Organizations through the donations generated by our Veteran Memberships and our Charity Contributions Membership.

If you are a Veteran, this is an investment in your future through our Courses to get Rated, get Healthcare, get College for FREE, Learn why you should buy a home, and use your VA Loan to get it, etc.

Every month your Subscription Donates to the Greatest Cause in the United States, our Veterans! VetComm Gives to Veteran Charities every month to help Veterans in need all over the Nation.

Because you gave $19.99/mon. and got rated at just 10%, you will receive $210/mon. (100% = over $3,000/mon.) Disability Compensation for the rest of your life.

Don't you feel that continuing your support of Veteran Charities for $19.99/mo is an honorable contribution to the overall Veteran Community when you for you to still get $190/mo for life?

is worth it to If you Join Forces in our Million Veterans Rated Mission, you can also create a supplemental income. All this, for less than the cost of a large pizza a month.

How does it work?

It couldn't be simpler! We've streamlined our entire affiliate process to ensure ease of use, while still maintaining extremely accurate tracking methods. The process is as follows:

  1. You get credit for Anyone that you give your Affiliate Link to (Email, Text, Chat, Link on Your Website, etc.) that Purchase a Membership.
  2. Your Visitor's IP is logged and a cookie is placed in their browser for tracking purposes (tracked for 30 days).
  3. Your Visitor browses our website and decides to subscribe to a Membership.
  4. The purchase will be registered as a sale for you and you will get a commission every month the purchaser is a subscribing member.
  5. The Affiliate Payout will be on the 2nd of the month following a 30-day vesting and a minimum Payout of $50.
  6. You will receive commission payouts and get more Veterans and Charity Contributor Members.

All You have to do is become a VetComm Member and You'll be Auto-Enrolled.

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