VetComm's Referral Program

Our goal to get 1+ Million Veterans their Disability Compensation Rating is shared by every proud American, Veteran, Charity, and Veteran Support Organization.

We want to help every Veteran claim the Disability Compensation they're OWED for their Service and Sacrifice Protecting our Country.

We need everyone to know that Veterans DO NOT have to wait in line with the 11+ Million other Unrated Veterans for Months or Years to be seen by the "other claim filing services" and they DO NOT have to give up their Backpay.

Veterans can quickly & easily use VetComm's Advanced Disability FAST-PASS Video Guide and Workbook to literally file their VA Claim for FREE in the comfort of their home in one day! (Click Here to Learn How.)

This Referral Program is designed for You to be compensated for your time and effort in helping us reach the 11+ Million Unrated Veterans and give them the opportunity to get what they are owed.

AND -> We offer our Gold Services to help Veterans file their initial claim or file for a Rating Increase and will provide additional assistance with VA Responses including Appeals for an entire year.

AND -> Whoever "Referred" the Veteran to us, will receive a Referral Commission when the referred Veteran purchases our Gold Services for helping VetComm assist another Unrated Veteran with getting the Disability Compensation they are owed.

  How Our Program Works?

  • If You ARE NOT a Veteran and want to help our Mission, you only need to SIGN UP to Become a Referrer and join our Mission to get the 11+ Million Unrated Veterans the Disability Compensation they are owed.
  • If you ARE a Veteran, You can use ONE of TWO ways below to become a Referral Partner:

    1. Once You Purchase our Gold Services Membership, You will automatically become a Referral Partner and You can give your referral link to anyone who would benefit from our Courses & Get Rated Services via email, text, or social media.

      Anyone that uses your link will become your Referral and generate you a commission when they purchase our Gold Services.

      Login to get Your Referral Links in the Referral Portal.
    2. You and everyone you know, Veteran or not, can use this same "SIGN UP" Referral Program Link and become a Referral Partner and join our Mission to get the 11+ Million Unrated Veterans the Disability Compensation they are owed.
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